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10 Question WR Quiz

This is a 10 question WR quiz, I want you guys to think about the answers or write them down then refer to the bottom of this article for the correct answers! Hope this helps.

Question 1)- What does it mean when a DB is lined up outside shade with eyes on the WR?

Question 2)- What is catch technique? (Form of DB coverage)

Question 3)- How would you run a slant vs an outside shade DB who is in catch technique? (2-3yds off)

Question 4)- How would you run a 10yd speed out vs an inside shade off man coverage DB (7-8yds off)

Question 5)- How would you run a bang 8 post vs an inside shade off man coverage DB?

Question 6)- How would you run a comeback vs a DB in zone coverage (facing the QB) who has outside leverage?

Question 7)- How would you run a fade vs a zone coverage DB who is head up 10yds off?

Question 8)- How would you run a corner route from the slot vs. 2 high safeties? Flat or skinny?

Question 9)- When running an RPO slant; would you want to use a quicker release or slower developing release?

Question 10)- Is there a perfect release for each specific route?

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Answer 1)- That means he is in outside leverage man coverage. And that means also that he has safety help to the inside. No DB will play outside leverage if he does not have help inside. He will not let the WR run 50yds across the field without help. So when you see outside shade, know that he’s there because he has help

Answer 2)- When a DB is 2-3yds off and is essentially waiting for the WR to come at him so he can get hands and disrupt the timing with the QB.

Answer 3)- Attack the DBs leverage. Remember he’s outside leverage because he doesn’t want you to go outside. So if you attack where he doesn’t want you to go, he will widen which gives you more room to run the slant and more space from his help inside.

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Answer 4)- DB who is inside shade wants to prevent any kind of inside route. So you want to attack his leverage, he will widen with the leverage to the inside, then you have a ton of space to accelerate out of the break for your out route.

Answer 5)- When running a post vs inside shade off man, you need to attack outside shoulder. A lot of people think that you just want to attack his leverage then break in front of him. A good DB will keep his leverage when you attack because he is taught not to give up inside. Attack outside shoulder, force his hips to turn then slip under.

Answer 6)- A comeback vs zone like this is when you’d threaten inside. Attack the DBs inside shoulder try to get him to turn and run with you and then snap it off. You can’t attack “blind spot” because he will just widen and you have no space to accelerate out of your comeback.

Answer 7)- Step on his toes, vertical set move inside to threaten him with a post, then slip behind. Goal is to get him to bite on an inside fake.

Answer 8)- Flat. Against 2 high safeties the ball from the QB will be thrown more like an out route. Do not drift upfield. Let the QB bring you down but don’t fade upfield.

Answer 9)- Slower developing, an RPO takes a little while to develop because it’s essentially play action. Don’t get to the throwing window too fast. It will screw up the read.

Answer 10)- NO. How you choose releases is based on a DBs leverage and there are tons of things you can do that will work if executed properly.

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