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1st Year On Varsity, What To Expect?

If you are new to varsity football, what should you expect? A lot of things change but at the end of the day it’s still the same game that we all love to play. Nothing you can’t handle. But this is what you should know going in.

The game is going to be faster, that will change at any level you go to. However through reps in practice you will get used to the speed of the game easily. That’s not the hard thing to adjust to. Also there are going to be some much bigger bodied guys. That’s also going to change with each level you progress too. They will hit harder, run faster, and just be better athletes overall. There won’t be that one player you can just run circles around all game. Everyone is going to be pretty decent. But there is still levels to the game. You have to work your ass off to make sure you are at the top of your game and varsity ball will be easy. Another thing that is different from JV or Freshman ball is that you can’t have 1 player who will take over the game. It’s more of a team effort. On JV you can beat a team with one good player but on varsity you are playing against talented coaches who prepare. You need to make sure you are prepared. Prepare like a professional. Watching film every night should not be new. Taking extra reps after practice is over is a must. If you prepare properly, the game will come easy 

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