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2 Tips For QBs To Make Faster Reads

How QBs can make faster reads is by tying your feet to your eyes. If you are able to go through progressions in the pocket tying your feet to your eyes you will be a more efficient passer. What I mean by that is that wherever your eyes go, your feet follow. So if you are working a curl flat your eyes go to the curl first let’s say, if it’s covered you go to the flat. Now guys who are elite can go through progressions and be late with their feet and still be on time by having great off platform discipline. If you can make throws without your feet set, it takes you to that next level. I think depending on what level you are at, you should focus on both. If you are younger I would focus on tying your feet to your eyes, if you are high school on I would focus on off platform throws just as much. Now also, reading coverages aids this process. You can’t do any of this if you don’t know reads or coverages and what the defense is gonna do before they do it. If you want to improve your reading coverages ability, click below! 

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