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2 Tips To Add 10yds To Your Deep Ball

2 ways QBs can add distance to their deep ball is their base and strength. First we will talk about base. A QB needs a wide/strong base always. That’s the key for them to be successful in the pocket, it helps you to get your front foot down faster which will get the ball out quicker and give you more velocity if you’re producing ground force quick enough. If your base is wide and you’re pushing off the inside arch of your back leg, that is going to give you more velocity on the throw if your front leg is out there to catch you. A lot of guys will be narrow then push, which causes a long stride, then a high release and then a bad ball. Wide base and push. Secondly is your strength. Arm strength comes from legs (base) and hips (torque) if you can improve your leg strength and core strength you will develop a much stronger arm. Your shoulder does not have much to do with it. You need a flexible and strong rotator cuff but that’s about it in terms of your upper half. If you want a workout plan to improve everything a QB needs to do for arm strength, click the link below! ⬇️