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2 Tips To Improve Your Arm Strength

2 Tips For QBs to improve their arm strength is the following: increase your ground force production and your torque. Obviously their are a lot of mechanical things you can do for that, however physically you can do some things to improve that as well. Squats are a great exercise to improve ground force. If your legs are stronger you can produce more force. And it helps with the balance of your base. Squats are probably the most foundational exercise for QBs. Secondly, improving your core strength will make your trunk more stable; which leads to better mechanics; which leads to a stronger arm but also it will help with rotational force. AKA Torque. If you can do exercises like med ball rotation slams or Russian twists you will see a change. If you want access to a specific 28 day program that can add 10 yds to your deep ball based off of the principles I discussed above, click the link below to see our Arm Strength Workout Plan! ⬇️

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