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2 Tips To Improve Your Football IQ

2 Tips to improve your football IQ are the following: you need to be able to watch film correctly and you need to learn what the other side is trying to accomplish. If you watch film effectively you can learn a lot simply from just pattern recognition. You need to know what a defense likes to do in certain situations. In a 1st and 10 situation what does a defense like to do? 2nd and short what do they like? Just like an offense, a defense has tendencies. If you can recognize those you will be successful in your own game. Now understanding the reason why behind that will help you even more. You need to know what each coverage is trying to accomplish. What is a defense trying to stop with Cover 2,4 etc. that will make you way more successful and dramatically improve your IQ. If you want to learn about defenses more and what goes into having a high football IQ, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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