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2 Ways To Improve Arm Strength

Alright guys so two things that you QBs can do to improve your arm strength are very simple and are very effective. As a QB all of your power on your throw comes from how much ground force you can produce and how much rotational force you can produce. So in the weight room 2 essential exercises you should be doing are SQUATS and RUSSIAN TWISTS. If you don’t know what Russian twists are you can google it but it’s pretty much when you sit on your butt with your legs up and upper back off the ground and you rotate side to side. This works your core. You can perform with a medicine ball or with weights/ no weight at all. And squats are pretty self explanatory. If you don’t have access to a squat rack 24/7 I would do jump squats. Do them in sets of 20 trying to be as explosive as possible. Now if you do have access to a squat rack I’d suggest doing your sets with semi heavy weight but something you can handle and doing 3-5 reps. A very explosive movement because throwing is a very explosive thing. So you want to train for the situations you will be put in. These two exercises are guaranteed to help your arm strength improve. No need to bench press or do heavy curls when you’re a QB. Yes you can do them to look better but it’s not going to help you throw a football.

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