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Alright guys so today we are going to talk about 2 things you can do to improve your hands. They are both crazy simple but you can rep this so many times it becomes second nature in a game time situation. The first thing you can do is make sure you either see the laces or no laces on the catch and verbally call it out. You are playing catch before practice or at the field working and if a ball is touching your hands you should look it all the way into the tuck and tell the person throwing if there is laces or no laces. This gets rid of the bad habit of looking up too soon before you secure the catch. This will ensure that you never drop a pass. Now the second way is a little bit more tricky to some people but very easy to others. Every time you catch the ball I would pretend your eyes are a camera and you are taking a picture of the ball or the ball is a camera and you are taking a selfie. Looking that thing into the catch. It works on the exact same thing. The only thing in your line of vision should be the ball. If you focus on those 2 things you will never drop a pass.

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