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2 Ways To Make Faster Reads

How you can make faster reads in the pocket is by doing the following: 1) tying your feet to your eyes. What this means is when you are going through progressions, your eyes shouldn’t work 10x faster then your feet. You want to pretend there is a string attached to your feet all the way down from your eyes and you work them almost like a puppet. If you’re working a curl/flat progression maybe and your eyes are to the flat your feet need to follow then when they move to the curl your feet need to follow, obviously there are times where you have to throw without your feet set, that’s just life at the QB position. But when you are on time you should always be in rhythm with your eyes and your feet. Lastly, you need to understand defensive coverages and concepts. I say this time and time again, IQ is the most important part of playing QB. If you know what the defense is gonna do before they do it, it should be easy to make quick reads. How you can do this is by studying, if you want exact tools to help you study coverages and full breakdowns on all coverages including offensive play concepts that work against those coverages, click the link below! You can gain access to 100+ videos on how to read defenses plus 4 new videos every week. Click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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