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3 BEST Lifts For A FASTER 40

Below we are going to discuss the 3 best lifts and exercises you can do in the gym to run a faster 40yd dash. I hope this can help 

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1)- Explosive  Step Ups (put 1 foot on a bench and other foot on the ground- foot on bench should be a 90 degree angle) 

(Snatch grounded foot up into a 90 degree position while raising up on your leg planted on the bench) (can use a barbell or dumbbells while doing this)

The 40yd dash is all about the start- you want to be explosive and powerful at the start and take explosive/powerful strides. They call this the “drive phase” AKA the first 10yds. So this exercise helps with the explosion needed off the start.

2)- Power Cleans or Hang Cleans 

To be powerful in your drive phase you also need to generate power from your hips. Also increasing your overall fast twitch muscle fibers can help with this as well. Power cleans or hang cleans are great lifts to build this.

3)- Single Leg Box Jumps.

When you are running, you are always on one leg. You need to generate power off of that single leg with each step. So doing single leg box jumps work that exact thing and also builds your fast twitch muscle fibers. 

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