Balling out at a camp. Now this depends a lot on your situation but camps are great ways for WRs to get in front of coaches and for them to see how you can play. Especially if you are a guy who doesn’t have any film, a college coach will not even look your way if he doesn’t see you with his own eyes. At the camp you need to demonstrate great catching agility, smoothness in and out of breaks and the ability to beat press in the 1on1 portion of the camp.

The second thing WRs can do to get offers is submit your tape to college coaches. In the tape you need to be able to display the same things we mentioned above. Along with a high football IQ and blocking ability. Don't just include routine catches like slants and hitches unless you make a great play after the catch. Include big plays downfield if you have them and include blocking clips where you do your job in the run game. You need to stand out to a coach on film and if you can do the things mentioned above that’s how you can get on their radar.

Lastly, passing the eye test is essential to play at a high level of college ball. What that means is, you need to look like a football player and move like a football player. Not many guys have this but that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. If you’re not the tallest you need to be strong in the gym and explosive on the field. If you’re tall but not fast you need to improve on your speed and explosion. As mentioned before all of that can be worked on. If you want to learn the specific things that WRs need to do in the gym checkout the link below! It is a 2 month gym training program of the specific exercises to improve your strength for blocking and beating press, grip strength for catching ability and speed/explosiveness to improve your route running. Checkout the link below and it is at a discounted price TODAY ONLY⬇️⬇️


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