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Below we are going to discuss the 3 best ways that you can get faster as a football player. I hope this can help! 

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1)- Football players from years of lifting are incredibly stiff and they do not take their recovery seriously. So STRETCHING every night or every morning is essential for speed development. Especially when you work with athletes, you see so many guys run with the smallest strides. They physically cannot get their knees up and lengthen their stride. Which causes them to be slow. You went to be quick and explosive but the fastest guys have very flexible hips and groins. So stretching needs to be a priority for you this off season to lengthen your stride and to improve your speed. 

2)- LIFTING LIKE A FOOTBALL PLAYER. Football players are not body builders. They are athletes. You are trying to generate/work on your speed and quick twitch in the gym. So doing bench press, curls, shoulder press, cable machine exercises etc. are not going to help your speed. Doing explosive movements like box jumps, power cleans etc. will help you develop your fast twitch muscle fibers. And fast twitch muscle fibers have a direct translation to speed. You cannot neglect those exercises.

3)- RUNNING WITH RESISTANCE. Running sprints with good form can only get you so far. You need to run with either a sled, resistance band, up stadium stairs or up a hill to develop your speed. Resistance sprints are probably the best way to get you faster when you have great running form already developed. 

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