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3 Keys To Route Running

The number one key to running great routes is the stem. With everything you do you need to be selling vertical. It’s not just about running fast, it’s about body language and eyes as well. You do not have to be the fastest guy on the field either. You need to be running as hard as you can, with a good pad level where you aren’t standing straight up, eyes straight forward and you need to stay in stride. All of these things I just mentioned will force a DB to back pedal or force him to turn his hips. That’s the number one key to creating separation. You need to make the DB believe fade. If you slow down into a break, the DB is going to slow down. He’s reacting off of you, but if I don’t give him a chance to react then you give yourself a chance to win every route, which brings me into the next two keys.

The second key to route running is the break point. You need to be able to change direction violently and suddenly to be able to create separation. The only way you can slow down when running full speed is either dropping your hips to a position just below parallel and doing it violently. This eliminates wasted time spent at the top of the break. So many guys make the mistake of slowing down into the break because they are concerned with steps. You want to be concerned with TIME. If a guy can take 5 steps at the top of the route and sell vertical the entire time, and then you have a guy who takes only 3 steps but slows himself way down, the 5 steps guy will get open. Steps matter at a certain point when you get selling vertical down, but you need to master the violent hip drop or the violent cut while selling vertical first.

Last but not least, the 3rd key to route running is the acceleration phase. Even if you do key 1 and key 2 correctly you can still lose the route if you cruise out of the break. When you create separation at the top of the route you want to keep that separation. Use the energy you created from the violent hip drop/cut to accelerate & shoot you out of the break. Dont stop your arms. Keep your arms natural and run out. You want to make sure you run in and run out of the break. If you can master these 3 keys to route running your routes will jump to the next level. CHECK OUT THE SPECIAL OFFER WE HAVE TODAY FOR WRs BELOW!

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