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3 Nightly WR Catching Drills

The first exercise you can do nightly for catching is finger tip push ups. If you need to get better hands you need a strong grip. If you don’t have a strong grip you won’t be able to make tough catches in traffic or those 50/50 type situations. So finger tip push ups are an easy way to build on that. If you can’t do them standing, do them kneeling

If you want over 500+ WR drills and gym exercises made into a daily workout plan for 2 MONTHS with the exact sets and reps you should be doing, checkout the link below!⬇️ Second drill you can do every night for your hands is over the head tennis ball throws. So what you want to do is stand with your back up against a wall, and then have 2 tennis balls. Bounce the tennis ball over your head off of the wall and when it comes back down track it like an over the shoulder catch. This will help you develop hand eye coordination which is essential to having great hands. I would say you should try to get 100 catches per hand. Anytime you do tennis ball work you should be emphasizing catching with one hand.

And last but not least, do tiny catches around a football. Let me explain. You want to get a football whether it’s a big one or a smaller youth one, and you want to just work your hand around the ball doing these tiny catches. Maybe get 100 per hand each night. This will help with finger strength and grip strength. If you do not know these exercises please consult with me via Instagram DM.

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