3 QB Mechanics Tips

The first thing QBs need to work on is their base. You need to build yourself from the ground up. Keep a wide strong base with your feet just outside your shoulders. This will eliminate a long front stride and make your release quicker/give you more power on your throws if you strike the ground with a slightly bent front knee.

2nd thing QBs need to work on is their posture. A lot of QBs throw a wobbly ball because they have poor posture. They are hunched over and can’t rotate over the ball. You need to have a completely vertical posture from your hips up. The third thing QBs need to work on is their stroke/upper half mechanics. Too many QBs hold the ball by their ear and have tense traps/shoulders. That’s not how you want to hold a football. You look at NFL QBs and not a single one holds the ball by their ear. They have relaxed shoulders and have the ball on their right peck. If you are tense in your shoulders you can’t produce the maximum ground force and torque needed for a high velocity on the throw.

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