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3 QB Mechanics Tips

When it comes down to throwing mechanics I think there are 3 things that QBs need to focus on. 1) the backstroke. When you take a look at all elite NFL passers they all have something very similar in common, they have some kind of back stroke. By back stroke I mean they don’t lift the ball straight to 90 degrees. They take it back whether it’s an L angle or something slightly above or below that first. They don’t lift the ball, that will throw off your sequence and ruin your velocity and consistency. 2) QBs have a great base in the pocket, their feet are just outside their shoulders so they can have a consistent foot strike and they have the ability to produce ground force. That’s the benefit of your base, it ties into your whole motion. A lot of guys can have a flawed upper half but their base saves them but you can’t have it the other way around. 3) Hip and shoulder dissociation. This is essentially when you are rotating with your hips to make the throw rather than rotating with your shoulders to make the throw. Your shoulders go slightly back as your hips go through, that is the key for torque and having a consistent motion and a consistent ball. When you rotate through it should be hips only, shoulders should not have an effect on the ball. Keep your off hand by your face and stay square with your upper half. If you want access to a full 40 minute video on throwing mechanics and how you can improve them along with specific drills to improve each aspect of the throwing motion, click the link below! 

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