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3 QB Velocity Tips

3 things QBs can do to get more velocity on the ball is the following: number one, you should try to widen your base so your foot strike is quicker which allows your hip drive to be quicker. If you tend to rotate more with your shoulders and you are not as much of a hip thrower, try to quicken your front stride. It will help with rotation and allow you to get more torque on the ball. The second thing I want to talk about is the upper half, when you finish on a throw try not to swing your front shoulder to where it is facing behind you. If your front shoulder swings way open you lose torque and you become a shoulder thrower much like what I mentioned above. You want to be a hip thrower! Your shoulders need to stay parallel to the target when you throw. That’s how you get that snappiness or the twitchy motion that everyone loves to talk about. And lastly don’t forget about ground force. You see so many QBs, especially younger ones forget to push off the inside arch of their back foot. Which is not a hard thing to fix. When you hit your back leg on a drop or when you are standing in the pocket the weight on your back foot should be shifted slightly to the inside of your foot so when you push, it makes it easier to turn your back hip through. If you push off the middle of your foot all the energy you are trying to create will go straight up in the air and not at your target which will cause a decrease in velocity. If you want a full 28 day program to improve your arm strength with specific exercises that you can do in the gym to improve your game, click the link below!

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