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3 Reasons Stars Don’t Matter

Below we will be discussing 3 reasons that recruiting stars don’t matter and why you shouldn’t be concerned about your “ranking”. I hope this can help. 

1)- When you get to college all of your stars go away. The whole “5-Star” “4-Star” label is literally all for hype. When you get to college you turn into a 0 star. It’s about the work you put in on a day to day basis. Even if you’re a 5 star recruit going to Alabama- your scholarship is not guaranteed. They can pull the offer anytime they want every single year you are there.

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2) The people who give out the “stars” have probably never even played or coached football. They are website/media guys. All they care about is views. They give a guy a 5-Star ranking because he is good but they want to title their videos “5 STAR WR COMMITS TO…” so more people click on it, which equals more ad revenue for their company. That’s the game they play and more power to them, but don’t get discouraged by all the flashy headlines. It’s just like all these TV networks spreading narratives that may not even be true so people will watch their show. It’s all based on money and how much they can charge advertisers. The star rankings mean absolutely nothing to a college coach and that is who you are trying to impress.

 3)- More often than not, 5 star guys do not make it. They get to college and that’s a huge accomplishment & I am by no means knocking anybody who has stars or anything- good for them. I’m just saying that if these so called “experts” who give out the star rankings were so smart- every kid who the would pick as a 5 star would go to the league. I read a stat the other day, not sure how true it is, but it says that 90% of 5 star recruits don’t even get drafted. So that goes to show- it does NOT matter what you do in high school in terms of rankings. What matters is getting to college for free and performing when you get to that level. The sooner you accept this, you will see your mindset shift and you can worry about what’s important. Which is getting 1% better everyday and constantly improving your skills. 

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