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3 Solo WR Catching Drills

Drill 1)- Back against a wall tennis ball overhead toss

(This is where you will stand with your back against a wall holding two tennis balls. You will be looking forward and toss a tennis ball over the top of your head and when you hear it bounce off the wall, look up and locate the ball to the catch. This helps with over the shoulder catching)

Also, if you are a WR and would like an 8 week daily schedule with ON FIELD route running & press release drills you can do, checkout the link below! We give you the exact sets and reps to do with a video example of each drill- check it out here ⬇️

Drill 2)- Eyes Closed Forward Tennis Ball Toss

(Stand facing a wall, with your eyes closed. Throw a tennis ball at the wall with your eyes closed, open them when you hear the ball make contact with the wall, then proceed to catch it)

Drill 3)- Finger Tip Push Ups

(This will work on your grip strength which is such an important element of catching- if you cannot do a regular push up, drop to your knees and do a girl push up- it will still work your grip strength and can be just as effective)