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3 Things All WRs Need To Hear

3 main things WRs need to know if they want to be successful is the following: sell vertical with everything you do. When it comes to the stem of the route or even the first step off the line it needs to dictate fade to the DB, the more you sell fade the easier it will be to get the DB to turn his hips. If you can get him to turn his hips you will win. The second thing all WRs need to hear is catching every ball should be a given. If you drop the ball consistently you will not play. That’s a fact. Make a deal with yourself that you will catch every single ball thrown in your direction. That’s how you get on the field and that’s how you stay on the field, no matter what size you are, how fast you are or the routes you run. If you catch every ball that’s intended for you, the coach will find a spot for you. And last but certainly not least, receivers need to know that executing all of the techniques/drills you see comes from preparation. Not a lot of people see this and know this. They think great receivers just make it up on the fly, this is not at all the case. They have ran so many routes, done so much lonely work where they work on the details over and over again that it comes natural. But putting it into a game comes from knowing your opponent. Knowing how to structure your route against zone and man coverage so you can create separation. WRs should have full notebooks on the DBs they are going to play. This will help you understand what types of moves/routes will work against those specific guys. If you want a full 40 minute video on all the routes you will have to run on the route tree vs. man and zone coverage click the link below! We talk about how to run a hitch, out, slant, comeback, curl, speed out, dig, corner, post and a fade against man and against zone. This is how you structure your routes properly and efficiently, click the link below! ⬇️

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