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3 Things College Coaches Look For In QBs

There are 3 things a college QB needs in my eyes. 

 I believe you need to have great footwork in the pocket. I don’t think a QB can play at the next level

without great feet. Now you might think “I’m a pocket passer and I’m not quick” that doesn’t mean you don’t have good feet. Quarterback footwork is much different than a receivers footwork or running back. You need to be balanced, under control and sudden when it comes to movement in the pocket The 2nd Thing I feel QBs need to be ale to do is extend plays. Too many times QBs get rattled when there is a sense of pressure. They just go dark and take off running. You need to be able to extend the play and get the ball to your playmakers. College coaches love a guy who can make things happen when the play breaks down. Whether it’s stepping up in the pocket or getting out on the run Lastly I think all QBs need arm strength. Not a ton of arm strength where you’re Patrick Mahomes but enough to make all the throws on the field. It’s rare to see a QB in the NFL without high arm strength. Even the smaller guys usually have the ball pop off their hands. If you struggle with arm strength, click the link below! I have a 4 week workout program I used when I payed to get my arm stronger. I hope it helps👇🏻👇🏻

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