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3 Things College Coaches Look For In WRs

There are 3 things a college WR needs in my eyes. 

I think to be able to play at the collegiate level, a WR has to have a high football IQ. They need to understand coverages, defenses and be on the same page as the QB. And also the game is much faster than high school, so having a knowledge of defenses helps your thought process move faster on the field. The 2nd Thing I think receivers need at the college level is the ability to block. That is often what gets guys recruited. The ability to block and be that guy for their team. Not a single college coach wants the lazy receiver who isn’t physical. Lastly, I think receivers need to have great hands. You can have the best route running, releases and footwork in the world, but if you drop the ball it doesn’t matter! You need to catch everything thrown your way. If you don’t have the best hands or need them to get better, click the link below. I give you 10 weight room exercises to improve your hands and catching ability. Easy workouts you can do to improve your game ⬇️

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