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3 Things Every QB Needs To Work On

The 3 most important things every single QB should do this off season is the following: 1) Work on Mechanics. Every time you touch the field, you should spend 30 minutes on your mechanics. Proper leg/hip drive and good upper body mechanics. Before every workout I spend 30 minutes with my QBs doing all mechanic work. We don’t even throw the ball. 2) You Should work on your footwork. All QBs need great feet, if you are a good dancer you can play QB. We have to be able to navigate in the pocket and avoid a rush with small movements and big movements to climb the pocket. And 3) UNDERSTAND COVERAGES. This is so important. None of the other things mentioned even matter if you can’t breakdown coverages. If you need help reading coverages, check out the “plans and pricing” tab on this website. We just started a new feature breaking down 4 NFL defenses every single week. 16 breakdowns per month. This is where you will learn how to dissect a defense and be prepared for a game. This game is almost 80% mental and we have to develop the mental side.

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