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3 Things QBs Should Do This Off Season

  1. Work on your mechanics. QBs who have flawed mechanics will not be as accurate, will not have as much velocity and won’t be consistent. The whole point of working on your mechanics is so you can be a consistent passer. Consistency is what will make you last long in the game of football. An inconsistent motion leads to an inconsistent ball. Emphasize having a quicker stride if you want more power on the ball, don’t let your front elbow or shoulder swing down/open if you want to be more accurate. Try doing 100 perfect reps per day.

  1. Work on off platform throws. 70% of the time in the NFL, QBs are taking a different drop and movement than their prescribed 3 step or 5 step drop. Imagine what that number is in high school or youth ball! Make sure you are putting yourself in uncomfortable situations where you must throw without your feet completely set. This is how the game is played today. The best QBs in the league, Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen etc. all have the great ability to throw off platform. You need to learn this sooner rather than later.

  1. Learn How To Read Defenses correctly. If you want to become a more consistent QB you need to have the mental side of things down. Study film to know what kind of defenses work against what kind of plays and how you can beat each coverage. If you want access to 200+ videos all on reading coverages and how to identify defenses click the link below!

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