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3 Things Scouts Look For In WRs

We are a firm believer in that your highlight tape/film will get you recruited to play at the next level. That is the most important thing you need, but what should you actually put on the tape if you are a WR? That is what we will be discussing below!

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1)- The first thing that scouts will be looking for on your tape is explosive touchdowns. They want to see you make big plays and get a ton of yards after the catch. So if you have plays were you break a few tackles and score, turn a slant into a 60yd touchdown, that is what you want to include first in your highlight tape to stand out.

2)- The second thing that scouts will look for is your catching ability. And not just the routine catches. So many WRs put in “throw away” plays into their tape. A 5yd hitch, 3 step slant all for gains of 5-7. IF ITS NOT A HIGHLIGHT DONT INCLUDE THE PLAY. A college coach would rather watch 1 minute of insane plays than 5 minutes of average plays. So the catches you should include are jump ball catches, 50/50 balls, low catches, catches in traffic etc. Include the catches that they do not expect you to make.

3)- And last but not least, you want to include blocking film. This will make you appealing to all colleges. A lot of colleges like to air it out now and run a spread or air raid system. But some still utilize the run game, so you need to show that you can be an asset in both. People get so caught up in the route running and TDs that they forget the gritty plays. So make sure you include maybe 2-8 great blocks on your highlight tape.

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