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3 Things WRs Can Do This Summer To Get Offers

The first thing you can do this summer to help yourself get recruited is get out to camps. If you are a guy who does not have a lot of film to showcase, you need to get out to some camps and perform in front of coaches. If you don’t have film, they won’t even talk to you if they don’t see you with your own eyes. Now if you have good film and the coaches at the camp have seen it, camps are a great place to earn an offer. The only way you can earn an offer at a camp is if they already know you. If they don’t know you, they won’t offer. So camps are essential for WRs to get on a coaches radar and to get a scholarship.

The second best thing you can do it get film out to coaches. Email them your highlight tape with the key specific things they are looking for. They are going to want to see big plays, great route running, yards after the catch/ contact and much more. Now you might be asking how do you get a coaches email? It’s not always email that can get you in contact with a coach. You can send them your film via Instagram or via Twitter. Twitter is the big one. I believe every athlete needs a Twitter because that is how you can showcase your talents in an effective way. Twitter is the biggest platform used by college coaches so I suggest you frequently upload your highlights and send them out on there.

Lastly, WRs need to pass a certain eye test. This is the harsh reality of the game. D1 schools look for a certain type of kid. He needs to look like a college WR, have speed like a college WR and be able to move like a college WR. This does not mean you can’t work your way to get to this spot. Some guys may not have this problem but if you can improve your strength, size and speed this summer you will increase your chances of a school giving you an opportunity. If you want 2 months of workouts in the gym specifically for WRs to improve their speed, strength, size, balance, explosiveness and power click the link below! Our WR Gym Bundle will give you access to 2 full months of WR workouts with sets and reps & will help you take your WR skills to the next level! Click below ⬇️⬇️

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