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3 Things WRs MUST DO To Get Recruited

Need elite level route running. This cannot hurt you. A lot of people who don’t know what they are talking about will say: “That doesn’t matter they just recruit the biggest guys”. This could be the furthest thing from the truth. Let’s put it this way, if you’re 6’4 and the other guy they are looking at is 6’2 and he runs next level routes but you run lazy routes, they will go with the other guy. Because at the next level, everyone is big and everyone is fast. You need to have excellent technique to separate yourself from some of the best athletes on the field. Now also, let’s say you are a shorter guy, your route running is what can get you in the conversation of being recruited. If you are short you cannot just get by on being a good athlete. Colleges have plenty of those who are much bigger than you. So you need to showcase your ability to run good routes, beat press coverage and make big plays on your highlight tape.

Second, as I mentioned above, in college everyone is big and everyone is fast. So that doesn’t mean you just throw your hands up and be content with your size. You can always get faster, more explosive, bigger and stronger. Especially at the high school age there is so much untapped athleticism that you have. So you need to constantly be striving for improvement to show a college coach that you care and you take care of your business. Doing specific workouts in the gym to build strength, speed and size along with exercises that will help you with performance on the field. Power cleans and box jumps are great for receivers just to name a few. That helps with explosion and fast twitch muscle fibers which directly translates to speed off the line and explosiveness at the top of the route. There are specific things you can do in the gym to fit the mold of a college WR. Now if you aren’t sure what to do in the gym, checkout the link below for a 2 month long WR gym program! It is 2 months of specific WR workouts with sets and reps/rest periods where we give you the specific things you need to do to improve your speed, explosiveness, power and grip strength. Check it out here! ⬇️⬇️

Lastly, in order to get recruited GRADES are super important. I know you don’t expect me to talk about that based on what this page is, but grades are so essential for you to get to the next level especially if you are a borderline guy. So like a typical 5-Star doesn’t need to worry to much about getting all As, he should have to but that’s just not how the world works. If he passes he will play because his skill set speaks for himself. But if you’re a guy who is fighting for an opportunity and are not heavily recruited your grades can make a school chose you over someone else. That’s the first question College Coaches would ask about a kid they weren’t sure about. “How are his grades”. When I was a high school receivers coach I would be honest with the school, if a guy had crappy grades I would tell them because more often than not the grades reflect a kids character. Make sure you take care of your grades and shoot for above a 3.5 GPA

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