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3 Things WRs Should Do Daily

The first thing you should do everyday as a WR is something physical to make yourself 1% better. Whether that is field work, gym work, stretching, speed and agility stuff etc. You should be doing something everyday to improve your body. Obviously you can’t go at it in the gym everyday for 6 hours, your body will breakdown. But stretching is great for your route running and recovery exercises will help your performance. So try to incorporate something everyday to help your skills improve. If you guys would like an 8 week workout schedule for WRs with daily gym exercises & field drills checkout the link below! We give you the exact sets, repetitions, rest periods and rest days to improve your game as a WR. We also include 2- hours of video content showcasing each drill and explaining the importance behind it ⬇️⬇️ The second thing WRs should be doing everyday is watching film. When it comes to film study you can never have too much. You can never watch too many hours of film. Instead of watching 3 hours of Netflix each night, maybe only watch an hour and spend 2 hours watching film. Study different teams in your conference, NFL WRs, NFL DBs, watch my videos etc. There is an endless supply of film on the internet that you guys can use.

And last but not least, everyday WRs should be visualizing themselves making big plays. Whether you are in the season or in the off season, you should see yourself make those big plays, big catches and run those good routes. You need a certain mindset at the WR position and you need to constantly see yourself as the best WR on the field. So many guys are afraid to make the big plays and afraid of failing etc. Fear is an illusion, failure is an illusion. Failure is just learning so you should always have a positive mindset about what you can do on the field. Combine that mindset with a great work ethic and you have something special!


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