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3 Things WRs Should Put On Their Highlights

The first thing WRs need to demonstrate on their highlights is the ability to make big plays. If you can make big plays, that will stand out to a college coach. The first 5 plays are the most important plays on your tape and that’s what you need to show. You will not hold a college coaches attention for longer than 2 plays if they are not the best plays on your tape that stand out.

The second thing WRs need to demonstrate is smoothness and explosiveness running routes. If you can display getting off of press, being physical, and being explosive/fast in and out of breaks, that will stand out to a college coach. Receiver is a very under coached position so if you can display great route running that will improve a coaches opinion of you. Being able to drop your hips violently, make sudden/explosive cuts, sell vertical, show speed in your stem and get off the ball fast are all things a coach looks for. If you want 8 weeks of workouts to improve those specific aspects of your game checkout the link below! This is a workout plan designed for WRs to improve all physical aspects of the WR position! We give you exercises to improve your fast twitch muscle fibers, hip drop, balance, explosion and grip strength/upper body strength. These all will directly relate to the WR position. They are not exercises you can just google, these are WR specific workouts broken down into a specific plan with sets/reps ⬇️ Lastly, a college coach, if he is interested will not be just looking at your highlights. He is going to want to see game film. So he will want to see just your average plays. You should never take a play off. Nothing worse than a back side receiver who runs a lazy route or a wide receiver who doesn’t block. Make sure each play you are doing your assignment 100mph. No plays off even if you are running a back side fade and never get the ball. You never know who is watching and what a college coach will evaluate you on

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