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3 Tips For A WR To Improve Their Game

3 Tips For A WR To Improve Their Game are the following... 1) You need to have great hands, so to improve those hands what can you do? If you have someone who can throw to you, catch 100 footballs a day. Do 50 before a workout and then 50 after a workout. If you don’t have someone who can throw you the ball I would focus on doing the same thing with tennis balls, bounce them off of a wall and alternate hands. Also you can do exercises to improve your grip strength. 2) Make all your routes look the same. Focus on attacking the depth of the route. Don’t slow down unless you’re trying to change tempo of the route. From point A to point B on most routes everything should look similar. It’s a fade until it’s not. 3) You need a high WR IQ. Now what I mean by that is knowing what certain things mean about the WR position and then when to apply it. Anybody can do the drills or run the routes but if you don’t know when to apply it, you’re not gonna be able to use it in a game. If you want a full dictionary of all the WR terms you need to know, click the link below ⬇️⬇️

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