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3 Tips For Better Route Running

3 Tips For Better Route Running

 Make everything look like a fade. This is a simple one you can do. Focus on having a great pad level throughout the route, keep the same stride length and don’t give any indicators like leaning back or shortening your stride.

Eliminate wasted motion at the top of the route. It’s all about getting in and out of the break fast. If you spend too much time at the top of a route, the QB isn’t going to wait and the DB will have more time to react. But don’t try to cut out steps by slowing down. If you slow down to eliminate steps DB will be all over you. Eliminate steps by being powerful with your feet and driving your arms.

The last thing you can do for better route running is understand what a DB will be doing. If you know the technique behind DBs and what technique you can use to beat those specific looks, you will be successful. If you want a full dictionary with all of the DB and WR techniques you need to know, click below ⬇️⬇️

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