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3 Tips For QBs To Get Better At Reading Defenses

QBs can get better at reading defenses by doing the following... have a plan at the line of scrimmage. Go up to the line with a pre snap process that is efficient. Identify the safeties, then the corners and then the men in the box to see how they like to play. If you can get in this habit it will be easier to diagnose defenses. The second thing you can do is KNOW YOUR PLAYBOOK. QBs need to know their playbook like the back of their hand. Know their coverage reads and progression reads on every play against every defense. You should go through situations in your head to prepare for the game with each play vs each defense your opponent likes to run. And last but not least, film study is so important for QBs! Being able to see on film what the defense will do before they do it helps your mind process information in a game faster when you don’t have a lot of time to think. If you want to get better at watching film and if you want to know what specifically you should look for, click the link below! Learn about how you can get access to 200+ videos where i breakdown defenses and what to look for as a QB. Click the link below! ⬇️

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