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The first thing WRs need to focus on when trying to avoid injury is improving your ankle and knee stability. WRs move at a fast pace constantly throughout the game. You have to cut on a dime and sometimes off of 1 leg. Not everyone can do those kinds of movements. That’s why it is important to stress ankle stability & knee stability. This gets your bones/muscles stronger so you can absorb the force required to make an explosive cut. Below we have an 8 week workout plan with 200+ field drills that WRs can do to improve ankle and knee stability. We breakdown each drill on a daily basis with sets/reps and explain each exercise in a 2 hour long video. Check it out here! ⬇️⬇️

The second way WRs can avoid injuries is by taking pride in their recovery routine. Often times as football players we are doing a minimum of 2 workouts everyday. So our bodies are worn down and tired. Make sure you are allowing your body to recover. Ice, stretch, massage and take time off when your body needs it. You should be doing at least 1 hour of recovery for your body everyday. Maybe that is icing for 30 and stretching for 30 before you go to bed. But make sure you allow your muscles to recover. Too much wear and tear on your body can lead to many injuries.

And last but not least, make sure when you are making cuts you are making them underneath your frame. I talk a lot about stepping outside a DBs frame to sell vertical or to sell an inside route, however if you reach on your cuts at a fast pace and don’t bring your upper body/hip with your cut you can injure yourself. If you guys haven’t seen it already, watch the John Metchie route where he tears his ACL. He trys to get out of the break before his feet are firmly planted in the grass under his frame. This makes his leg extend way outside of his frame and he ends up tearing his ACL. He will bounce back from this but it’s solely from incorrect form on his cut. Just make sure you are always in a balanced position.

We are coming to Tampa Florida, Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, & Los Angeles California. If you want more info check it out here! ⬇️

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