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The first thing you need as a WR to get recruited is to make varsity so you can get varsity film. A lot of people don’t understand this principle but if you are a freshman/sophmore and are serious about getting recruited, your number 1 priority should be making varsity. College coaches care about varsity film not anything else. 7on7 coaches are great and have “connections” but most of the time those offers you see 8th graders get are non committable. That means it is not a real offer it’s just a potential thing. So focus on making varsity to get a real offer when you are a sophmore, junior and senior.

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The second tip that can help WRs get recruited is to demonstrate a play making ability in your film. Your highlights get you recruited. Yes connections help but ultimately you need to be able to ball out. How coaches watch your film is by doing the following, they all have a meeting and put your tape on a screen and they break it down. They literally go through HUNDREDS of these so your first 5 plays need to make you stand out! Don’t ever spread out your film. Keep your best plays in the front. So demonstrate that you can run explosive routes, make big catches, run after the catch, block and can beat press. This is what they are looking for at the next level.

Lastly, to get recruited as a WR you need to build connections with not just the wide receiver coach for the school, but the recruiting coordinator for your area. If you live in let’s say Texas, and USC is recruiting in your state, it most likely will be a line coach or a QB coach who is in charge of recruiting all the positions for that state. So you need to build a relationship with him because he is the one who decides if they are interested in you. Yes you need a relationship with your position coach but the recruiting coordinator is who you need to impress.


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