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3 Tips For WRs To Get Offers

The first thing that a coach will look at is if you pass the eye test. Are you tall? Are you fast? Are you explosive? Are you strong? These are those first impression questions that a college coach will ask you to see if you are a recruitable guy. Everything you can control on that list, except height. So if you are short you better make up for it by being the fastest, most explosive guy on the field. If you are tall but extremely slow I suggest improving your speed. You need to check off at least a few of those boxes to get a scholarship at the next level. As a WR there are specific things you can do to improve your explosiveness and speed but also have it translate to your performance on the field. If you want a 12 WEEK WR Gym Workout Schedule with daily gym workouts broken down into sets and reps to improve your speed, explosiveness and power to get you to the next level checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️ The second thing you need to do as a WR to get recruited is stand out on film! You want to stand out by showcasing your explosiveness and speed like we talked about above, however you also want to showcase three technical aspects of your game. 1) Making the hard catches 2) Making explosive plays after the catch and

Last but not least, blocking! Those three aspects need to be heavily emphasized on your highlight tape!

The third thing you need to do to get recruited as a WR is showcase a high football IQ. To play at the next level, you need to be strategic in how you approach each game. Have a plan, have a reason why for doing each thing and be smart. Don’t just be the guy who runs his route. Be the guy who runs an efficient route, understand the play concept as a whole not just his job, can find open space and be an asset to the offense. You should be studying film everyday of your opponents and how WRs at the top of their game move. Be a student of the game to get an opportunity at the next level. You have to love football to do this and if you don’t love football you won’t play at the next level. That is one of the first questions a college coach asks a high school coach, “does he love football”.


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