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3 Tips For WRs To Get Stronger

WRs need to be lifting in the correct rep range for strength. If you are trying to get leaner and burn fat you should be lifting in the 10-15 rep range. However if you are trying to improve strength and explosion on the field, which all WRs need to have, you should be lifting in the 3-8 rep range. That is the range that will emphasize fast twitch muscle fibers AKA all our effort movements. Fast twitch fibers help with strength and with speed because when you run in football, you are trying to be as fast as you can for a short burst and trying to be as strong as you can for a block for a short burst. This is how WRs can be more explosive off the line and explosive with their movements.

The second thing WRs can do to get stronger on the field is emphasize doing exercises for performance, not body building exercises. For example, a common misconception is that blocking strength comes from your upper body, so WRs & linemen need to do a ton of bench press. This is incorrect. Yes bench press will make you look bigger, but you never play football off of your back and the mechanics off blocking are all based on your hip drive and leg drive. So doing exercises like power cleans or squats will be way more beneficial for strength than an upper body lift like bench press.

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Last but not least, to improve strength WRs need to give their body rest time/take their recovery seriously. Not enough people talk about this, however WRs neglect rest because they are constantly running and lifting. Receiver is one of those positions where you are constantly running, so your body needs to heal itself to hit peak performance. You should be giving yourself 1-2 rest days per week, foam rolling, stretching, massage gun and any other recovery method you can think of to add to your routine. The goal is to perform at peak performance on gameday and you cannot do that if your body is so worn down.

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