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3 Tips For WRs To Go D1

Your film is the most important thing when a college coach is scouting you. You need to showcase your speed, strength, explosiveness and obviously playing ability on film. The speed and explosives is what many refer to as the eye test. A lot of coaches sometimes look at your height but especially if you are on the shorter side being able to showcase the athleticism attributes will only benefit you when it comes to recruiting. College coaches don’t care about a self proclaimed 40 time, they care about what kind of speed you can show on film!

If you guys would like a 12 week workout schedule for WRs that emphasizes specific gym workouts with sets and reps to build your speed, explosiveness, power, strength, size and balance… checkout the link below ⬇️

The second thing you need to showcase on film to play at the division 1 level is extending plays after the catch. College coaches don’t want the receiver who will just catch the ball and get stopped. They want to see you get YAC. When you catch the ball you need to be explosive and always trying to extend the play to make a big play. Obviously don’t try to do too much and put the offense or yourself at too much risk but do whatever you can possible to be a threat with the ball in your hands.

And last but not least, division 1 coaches are always looking for big plays like we said but it’s much more than running a good route or making a great play after the catch. They are looking for guys who can make GREAT CATCHES downfield as well. Tough catches in traffic, making catches on bad throws and 50/50 ball are all ways you can stand out to a D1 coach. Need to have reliable hands to play at the next level.


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