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3 Tips To Be A Great QB

3 things that you can do to make sure you are a better QB than last year are the following: 1) be an example leader before a vocal leader. This is something that not a lot of QB coaches will talk about because they either don’t have this experience or don’t know how to comprehend it. If you are a young guy trying to win over a team or a locker room you can’t come in there and start yelling and telling people what to do. I’m not saying you can never do that but you need to walk the walk first. You have to show up everyday and get after it before anybody will trust you to lead. That’s the thing about leaders, people have complete trust in them, how you gain the trust of your teammates is by doing the hard work. Especially at QB, it’s so rare for those guys to be weight room guys or conditioning guys. They just throw the ball often times, make sure you are a leader in all aspects of the game. 2) You need to be able to flush the good and the bad plays. This is something I struggled with as a young QB but as I got older I understood the concept more. You throw a pick or a bad pass, forget about it, you throw an absolute dime or a touchdown, you need to forget about it. Make sure you are only focused on the next rep and doing your job each play. That is the key to success at the QB position. Lastly QBs need to have the highest football IQ on the team. You should be like a second offensive coordinator. Know your offense inside and out but know the defense better than the defense knows themselves. If you want access to 200+ videos that breakdowns coverages and how to beat them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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