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3 Tips To Improve Throwing Velocity

The first way QBs can improve velocity on their throws is by becoming more explosive. Working on any kind of explosive work like box jumps, power cleans etc. will help you become more twitchy. And what I mean by twitchy is activating your fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers are used for all out effort exercises and when you need to throw with velocity you are putting all of your effort into the throw. The 2nd thing to improve your velocity is leg strength. You need a balanced base and a strong base in order to produce energy to drive the ball. Get in a squat rack. And lastly, the best thing for your velocity is mechanics. If you can improve your mechanics to where your kinetic sequence is correct and you have the ability to produce torque efficiently and consistently, you will see a lot more power on the ball. A lot of QBs are strong enough to have an absolute whip of an arm, however they don’t always know how to use it. If you want a manual that teaches you the proper mechanics of arm strength and how to drive the ball/get more power behind your throws, click below! ⬇️

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