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3 Tips To Run Better Comebacks and Curls

3 things that you can do to run a better comeback and curl Route would be the following: 1) you need to focus on selling fade and staying in stride. Something I stress with my receivers is that there are two things that sell fade everytime: body language and speed. If you can make the DB believe fade on a 45 break you are more likely to get separation. 2) Eliminating time spent at the top. Everyone loves to put an emphasis on steps but in reality it’s about cutting down the time you spend at the top of the break. Yes, less steps equals less time but do you have speed into the break and are you dropping suddenly? A lot of guys think they can get out of a comeback or curl Route in 2 steps but they slow way down before the break and have no explosion with their hips, this is an indicator to the DB and he will be all over your break. Run full speed, drop suddenly and Eliminate wasted time at the top. 3) Win the race. Nothing worse than a receiver who makes a great break but they start cruising after and the DB catches up. I don’t care how much separation you have at the top of the route you need to accelerate out of the break to widen the gap with the DB. Obviously don’t run out of bounds or 8 yards back to the ball but you should focus on running out of your breaks so you can use that energy created at the top to shoot you away from the DB. If you want more route running techniques and a specific 10 day process that we teach designed to improve your route running in those 10 days, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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