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3 Ways To Beat Press

  1. Have a plan. When you walk up to the line of scrimmage you need to have an idea of what you want to use against a press DB. After you have studied film of this DB you need to have a strong idea of the coverages that defense likes to plan in and the tendencies of the specific guy you will be matched up against. That’s how you can structure your plan off the line.

  1. Be sudden. Do not try to do all these fancy moves especially when you are running a timing route. Be sudden with your feet but patient. Commit to a release and actually sell the move but don’t be slow and reach out for your cuts. The second you reach is the second you are off balance and can get jammed. Focus on making cuts inside of your frame but outside the DBs frame.

  1. The last thing you can do to beat press coverage is work your hand technique the same time you work your footwork. A lot of WRs struggle with this. They will swat at a DBs hands but they won’t move their feet and vice versa. You need to be able to do both. This is something you work on while you are training. Even against air, you should be combing your moves off the line like a wide step, double up etc. with specific hand technique to get you some separation.

If you want over 1.5 hours of advanced route running content with specific drills and set workout plans to do, check out the link below!

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