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3 Ways To Gain Weight

1) The first way athletes can put on size is by lifting heavier. If you lift heavy you activate your fast twitch muscle fibers which make your muscles more explosive and ultimately bigger. By lifting light weight you are burning fat and that won’t help you put on size. You will just be more toned. You need to to less sets and work in the 1-5 rep range. Focus on the form of the motion too. We aren’t just trying to build strength, we want to build size, so isolate the muscle group you are trying to work.

2) The second way athletes can put on size is by eating more calories. Calories are king. If you eat 500 extra calories a day for 7 days a week and don’t burn them off, you will gain 1 pound per week. Now that doesn’t mean go out and eat all of the fast food you can find. They need to be healthy carbs and healthy protein. White bread is not a healthy carb. You should be eating A lot of protein and carbs like grains, potatoes, rice, and pasta.

3) The third way you can gain weight is by staying away from sugar. Sugar is not good for you. It is almost an addictive substance. It is okay to have s cheat meal every now and then but I would stay away from candy and sweets. Now obviously I know some of you are thinking there is sugar in almost everythin. Which is true I’m not talking about sugar you would find in fruit. I’m talking about sweets. They will not help you gain weight, you will feel sluggish, and it’s not going to be good weight if you eventually do happen to gain some pounds. Stay away from sugar and processed foods

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