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3 Ways WRs Can Get Noticed On Film

Colleges and scouts see hundreds of highlight tapes every month and today we are going to discuss how you can stand out amongst the crowd. So obviously the first 5 plays need to be the best plays you can string together. Not routine plays, not plays the expect you to make, but ACTUAL HIGHLIGHTS. If you don’t have those, need to focus on getting some before you worry about emailing a million coaches an average tape. And that’s just the harsh reality of it. Now also in your tape, don’t make it too long. Coaches probably will only watch the first 5 plays on average. Make it short, to the point and have it stand out.

Secondly, what exactly do you put on the tape? You need to display that you can run any route on the route tree, get separation, beat press, beat zone have a high football IQ, and catch everything. Also blocking is extremely important depending on the school. A 3 step slant is not something you want to include, but a 3 step slant vs. press where you use a diamond release is something you can put in those first 5 plays. It displays route running, IQ, smoothness and more.

Lastly, what if you didn’t get a lot of balls thrown to you or you are in a run heavy system? What can you do then? You need to include plays on your highlights that even when you didn’t get the ball you still ran a good route, were explosive and got enough separation. Also you want to include a lot of blocking tape. Show to the coaches that you are still at an elite level but you just didn’t get enough opportunities. Your routes have to dramatically stand out for that to work! If you need to take your route running to the next level, checkout the link below to see our “Route Running Bible” it is download that contains over 1.5 hours of WR drills for route running and releases and 70+ drills you can do all organized into a plan. Check it out below! ⬇️

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