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3 Ways WRs Can Stand Out At Camps

The first thing WRs need to do at camps to stand out is run smooth explosive routes and be smooth/explosive on the drill work they will give you. College coaches look for three things when it comes to route running. They look for guys who can get into a break violently, make tight cuts, and accelerate out quickly. If you can show these things you can stand out. College WRs have a specific look to them when it comes to how they move. They all do the things we just named. Some better than others but they all check those boxes. Make sure at camps everything you do has a purpose and every drill/every route you run is detailed. If you guys would like an 8 week workout schedule for WRs to do on the field with 300+ drills all broken down into sets/reps and into daily workout splits, click the link below! This will help your route running skills improve dramatically in 2 months! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing you need to do to stand out at camps is catch everything. Coaches at any level obviously don’t like seeing drops but if you can make the hard catches like jump balls, catches in traffic etc. that will catch a coaches eye. You essentially want to do the things at a camp that you would like to show on film. Most guys who go to camps have no film, or very little film. So showcase what colleges coaches look for on film. They look for good route running, great hands and the ability to block in the run game. You can showcase 2/3 of those things at a camp.

And last but not least you need to show your ability to beat press. In high school or youth ball you may not see a lot of press coverage. The DBs aren’t as talented and aren’t as disciplined at the high school level, however in college they are. You need to understand how to get off press and how to beat those physical corners that you will see. Come up to the line with 5-6 different releases you could work, keep it simple and execute. College coaches will be impressed if you can consistently beat press coverage.


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