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Below we are going to discuss the 40 time needed to play WR at a D1 level. 


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I want to start off by saying the 40 is one of the most overhyped & unrealistic things in all of football. Your 40 time I don’t believe matters until you are running at the NFL combine. And even then it is dicey. But everyone wants to know where they stand with their 40 time and that’s part of what we will discuss today. The average 40 time for a D1 college WR would be anywhere from a 4.6-4.4

When you think about it that is not a huge difference in real time. It’s .2 seconds. That’s a snap of the fingers. So many people put so much weight onto their 40 time but honestly a college coach DOES NOT care. Sure, running a 4.4 40 at a combine or showcase can turn some heads, but what if the timer messed up? Was it hand timed? Was it laser? There are so many factors that play into it. Also the 40 is extremely technical. You could be the faster player on the field, and have a bad start… then that can lead to a bad time. You see it happen every year. So a college coach isn’t an idiot either. He knows that 90% of you reading this have probably lied about your 40 time too. Anybody can write “4.5 40” in their Twitter bio. A college coach isn’t going to see that and go “oh let me offer him.” He’s going to watch your game tape and GAME SPEED is way more important than 40 speed. If you can showcase you’re fast and explosive on film, college coaches will know trust me, you have a better chance of getting recruited. Football is played in full pads, not T-Shirt and shorts.

Now I don’t write this to discourage anybody or to talk bad on combines. I write this to encourage a kid who is stressing because their 40 time isn’t the best. A college coach doesn’t care about .2-.5 seconds. It’s not a track team, they want you fast in pads. Having a good & real 40 time can help your case, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting recruited. A college coach doesn’t care about the exact time. 

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