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5 Daily WR Catching Drills

Drill 1)- Finger tip push ups (this will help you build grip strength and hand strength, which can help with tougher catches)

Drill 2)- Tennis Ball Catches (bouncing a tennis ball off a wall is a great way to build hand eye coordination at a basic level)

If you guys would like an 8 week WR Daily on field workout plan with all of the drills you need to do for route running and press releases broken down by sets and reps, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Drill 3)- Tennis Ball Double Snap Catches (throw a tennis ball off a wall, snap your fingers twice and then catch the ball in the same hand you snapped with- this builds the ability to use late hands and hand eye coordination)

Drill 4)- Football toss up- double clap catch (toss a football up in the air(not super high) and then clap your hands twice behind your back - then catch. This builds late hands over the shoulder)

Drill 5)- Tennis Ball Bounce Overhead (stand with your back against a wall, bounce a tennis ball over your head and when you hear it bounce look up and track the ball)