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5 Star vs. 0 Star Recruits

Below we will be discussing the difference between 5 Star recruits and 0 star recruits and how the star ranking system is complete BS. I hope this can help! 

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When I write this I am not trying to discourage anybody who has “stars” or is getting recruited to play college ball and is ranked. I write this for the athlete who is discouraged because he is not getting any recruiting attention and is worried about being ranked or getting “stars”. I strongly advise you with everything I have to please stop worrying about rankings and stars. They DO NOT MATTER. Now, everybody says that and I’m sure all of you have heard the phase “stars don’t matter”. But why do we constantly see headlines of “5 star WR commits to xyz school” or “5 Star recruit makes this insane catch”? The reason we see it so much is because of hype, money and views. The guys who rank recruits… usually have never played a down of football in their lives. They are media guys, they want views and attention because that is how they can charge advertisers a certain amount of money. The more views they get, the more money they can charge companies to run ads. So a “5 star WR from Texas” will get a lot more views than talking about some kid from the Midwest in a small town. Now that 5 Star kid is probably big, fast and talented but that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged as a smaller town recruit or a guy who doesn’t have much recruiting attention. Look at guys like Cooper Kupp (0-Stars), Adam Thielen (0 stars), Justin Jefferson (3-stars)… they all made it work.  And so can you, I’m not gonna sit here a lie to all of you saying everyone will make the NFL. Because you won’t, the odds of that are very slim. Some of you might, but all of you can use football to get your education paid for. What are you actually playing football for? Stars? Rankings? Getting views on social media? Get over yourself. Stop caring what everybody thinks and focus on actual goals that will have some substance. Your focus should be becoming the best football player you can possibly be so you can take the hardship off your parents that would be paying for your education/college. Going to college may help you, it may not… but I guarantee you an education will build you connections that will help you later in life. Use football as a vehicle for that, and then some of you might get lucky enough to play at a professional level. It does not matter what ranking you have, the school you go to etc. What matters is that you are undeniable on the field. If you check all the boxes, make the big plays, you’re the best player in your county… you will play college football. And this is the goal at the end of the day. Stars don’t matter and there are plenty of guys who have fake stars. They get to college and get flat out exposed. You can fake it to a certain point but in college everyone is equal- and you should care about college not what everyone thinks when you’re in high school. 

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