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Below we will be discussing 5 ways that you can DOMINATE a college camp. I hope this can help you out.

If you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ drills  with the exact sets/reps to do checkout the link below! 

1)- During the combine portion of the camp, do not stand around. At a college camp we all know that there is going to be a decent amount of kids. Which means there will be a lot of waiting in line. To impress coaches at a camp, you need to test well. You need a great 40 time, pro shuttle and broad jump. So don’t just sit there stiff legged in line. That’s a great way to not only hurt yourself by running cold, but also test bad. Keep your legs active and do dynamic warm ups while in line to keep your legs fresh.

2)- Steal reps. This is unpopular because a lot of people hate when I give this advice, but the more reps you have… the more chances you have to stand out. So don’t be afraid to fail and if there is a chance to get reps, get reps. Kids are afraid to get embarrassed, especially in 1on1s. Who cares, everyone loses sometimes. You learn from it and move on. So if you can take reps from people, do it. Don’t be an A-Hole and cut guys, but if nobody is stepping up you gotta be ready to go. 

3)- If you play WR & QB, which most of you do, find a guy before the camp starts to warm up with… then find him in 1on1s. A lot of times WRs and QBs don’t get reps because they don’t have a “partner”. Warm up with someone before the camp, build some chemistry and take that into 1on1s. A QB is only as good as his WR & vice versa.

4)- Fail fast. Everyone makes mistakes and college coaches know that. They deal with kids everyday who are by no means perfect at their craft. So a lot of guys fear messing up & they slow down when doing drill work or any type of drill. This is a huge turn off to a college coach. They want speed, so it’s okay if you mess up just mess up fast. 

5)- Don't make the same mistake twice. Coaches in general love COACHABLE athletes. Coaches hate athletes who they have to tell the same thing over and over again to. It’s very draining and tiring. It’s okay to make a mistake like we said, but don’t make the same mistake twice. On your next rep, correct it. That will make the coach want to coach you that much harder. Which builds somewhat of an unspoken relationship with him. This you can pivot into a conversation after the camp where you get the coaches Twitter info and build a connection for the following year.  

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