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The first one you need to learn is “selling vertical”. So this one is something I speak heavily on, every single route needs to look like a fade at a certain point. Whether it is a 5yd hitch or an 18yd comeback. Both need to look like a fade at the get off and all the way into the break. For the routes 0-8 this is essential.

“Leverage”. So this has to do with what a DB is doing. If he is inside leverage that means he is lined up inside of you, if he is head up he’s right in front of you, and if he’s outside leverage that means he is outside of you. When the DB is inside shade he wants to force you outside and when he’s outside shade he wants to force you inside. So WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This is how you can structure your releases and routes. If he’s inside shade and you need to run a dig you probably know you can’t get the inside release so you need to use a release that will get you the outside so you can re stack. Leverage is so important for WRs to understand at any level.

”Win the race”. This is the phrase I use to emphasize the acceleration phase of the route. This is after you break on a route you need to have the mindset of, it is a race with you and the DB back to the ball. So you need to “win the race”. This will help you accelerate out of the break faster so the QB can throw the ball on time and throw you open rather than wait for you.

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”Snap Down”. This is when you drop your hips quickly and with some explosiveness into a break. This is the better alternative for beating the drum. This will help you drop in and out of breaks quicker and get you more separation. If you would like an example of this, DM me on Instagram.

”Stick”. This is essentially a cut, you can use a stick at the top of the route or off of the line. This is the cut you would make on like a jab release for example or at the top of a post route. Your sticks should be worked on every time you touch the field. Having a good stick is built through leg strength, ankle stability and knee stability.

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