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8 Tips To Be A D1 WR

Below we will be discussing 8 tips to be a D1 WR. I hope this can help you out! 


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1)- Speed. At the division 1 level, you will be going up against some of the very best athletes in the country. You need speed to hang with a division 1 level DB.

2)- Hands. If you can’t catch the ball, it will be tough to find a spot for you. Now, there are thousands of WRs across the country who have good hands. To stand out on film to a college coach, you need spectacular catches. Jump balls, catch in traffic, diving catches etc.

3)- Route Running. When you look at offenses in college football nowadays, they are passing more than ever. In the air raid or spread system you get a lot of 1on1 opportunities and you won’t be successful if you can’t run good routes against man coverage.

4)- Yards after the catch. On film you want to include many plays of you turning a 5YD gain into a 25yd gain etc. Breaking tackles, turning up field etc. These types of plays stand out to D1 coaches.

5)- Be an athlete. Don’t confine yourself to just the WR position, especially if you go to a small school. I know some of you don’t want to play other positions and it is possible to just be a WR and still get

recruited but you have a lot more opportunities for plays on film if you play special teams and defense or even play running back in some formations.

6)- Grades. Having good grades can only help you and increase your chances with other schools. Please don’t slack off in the classroom and have that keep you from playing football at the next level. 

7)- Football IQ. To get more receptions, you have to be a second QB on the field. More receptions = more opportunities for big plays to showcase on film. You should know how to read a defense, the weaknesses of each coverage and where a QB wants to go with the ball. This can help you succeed on the field. 

8)- Blocking. Even in college football today with the amount that they pass, blocking is still at least 30% of every offense. Showcase that you are an explosive playmaker with blocking highlights. This is also great for WRs who are in a high school offense that doesn’t pass. 

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